German Shephard Puppies

The German Shepherd Dog is unusually intelligent and unconditionally loyal, obedient, brave, and protective. It is known for its fearlessness but it is by no means hostile or aggressive. German Shepherd Dogs are poignant and devoted, making wonderful companions and ideal watchdogs. They are highly versatile and can fit in with many different lifestyles.

Life Span: 10 to 12 years
Color: Usually black-and-tan: black, black and silver, black and red. Blues, livers and washed-out color are faults. White is a disqualifying fault in AKC conformation, although it is accepted at UKC conformation shows.
Coat: Double coat of medium length desirable; dense outer coat, downy undercoat
Grooming: Brush daily, trim nails regularly, and bathe and clean ears as necessary
Height: Females, 22 to 24 inches tall; males, 24 to 26 inches
Weight: 90 to 110 pounds

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale:

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