Cairn Terrier Puppies

The Cairn Terrier puppies are For families and people that want a dog that is energetic, happy, intelligent and a very loyal pet and protector the Cairn Terrier puppy is a perfect match. They are outgoing in their personalities and often don’t seem to realize that they are a small dog. A natural watchdog, the Cairn Terrier can be stranger, dog and pet aggressive if not properly socialized.

Life Span: 13 to 14 years.
Color: May be of any color except white.
Coat: Hard and weather-resistant. Must be double-coated with profuse harsh outer coat and short, soft, close furry undercoat.
Grooming: Brush weekly.
Height: Males, 10 inches at the withers; Females, 9 inches.
Weight: Males, 14 pounds; Females, 13 pounds.

Cairn Terrier Puppies for sale

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