Bengal Kittens

Bengal KittensBengal kittens are as lovably friendly and docile as any full-blooded domestic cat. Bengal Kittens are as playful, gregarious, and energetic cats that have a generous dose of feline curiosity and that want to be involved with their owners. Bengal kittens are not intimidated by water, they will sometimes join their owners for a swim, as long as it’s on their terms.

Color: The International Cat Association recognizes brown tabby, seal lynx point, seal sepia tabby and seal mink tabby colors, and spotted (single-colored spots or two-toned rosettes in a random pattern) and marble (random tabby markings minus the distinctive bull’s eye) patterns.
Grooming: Minimal; weekly brush out or rub down controls shedding.

Bengal Kittens For Sale:

Bengal KittensBengal Kittens

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